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Do you know what happens to you when you black out?

I think there might be other people living with you. Have you ever heard of dissociative identity disorder? When a child experiences trauma they sometimes disappear inside themselves in order to handle it. They create other personas who can come out and deal with it better. – Dr Ross talking to Norman in psych ward, […]

The affidavit

Parents make me agree to go to hospital and be examined by psychiatrist (and admitted). Dad gives copy of my affidavit from recent arrest and jail stay for domestic abuse. Harassment. Second degree manslaughter:( The nurse is talking to me while we wait for the doctor. She looks over the affidavit and asks me: why […]

Are you seeing things? Hearing things?

…the psychiatrist asked during my examination, about an hour after I had been released from jail. I pause. Pretend to give it some thought. No.

SES pro

Are you feeling better now?

Now he’s doing business

Still I am in love with this life

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