Urging more people to share addiction stories

This is a response to the editorial “A family’s tragic loss to opioids” published Aug. 26. I apologize for the stigma surrounding addiction that may cast a poor light on your son and your family. My sister has suffered for over three years from addiction. Looking back, I am amazed that she still walks this […]

Every day was a holiday. Or not

from “The Yosemite” by John Muir All the world was before me and every day was a holiday, so it did not seem important to which one of the world’s wildernesses I first should wander. The National, “Guilty Party” You’re sleeping night and day How’d you do it Me I am wide awake Feeling defeated […]

Our Choices show what we truly are

I must continue to make good decisions and good choices. Everyday.

Life is not a memoir

breathe inhaling exhaling there is air in between, AM

Salutations…to whom it may concern

How could I apologize for telling you the truth

My eyes on me

Loving yourself after lithium

from “This Book Will Break A Window If You Throw It Hard Enough” by Markus Almond Love. It comes to us when we don’t want it to, expect it to. It tears our chests open and we pretend it doesn’t affect us. We say that we can handle it. But it buries itself beneath our […]

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