The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything

But don’t persevere in that error

When you forget to implement a recovery tool or allow yourself to get stressed:
“The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.”
– Bishop W.C. Magee

An old Latin proverb says: “Errare humanum est,” which means that making errors is a part of human nature. However, a crucial part is actually the attitude towards any mistake. You either get frustrated over making it or you learn a lesson from it. The choice is yours.

And mine.

I have made enough mistakes for two lifetimes. Maybe five lifetimes. I hope I am done making them, at least the big, life-changing ones. I have certainly run out of second chances. Thank you Emma and Abby, and AM, for staying close and keeping me in the game.

I am forever grateful.

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