Salutations…to whom it may concern

How could I apologize for telling you the truth

My eyes on me

We all fall down, some of us again and again

Several months ago: After hits from the bong (Cypress Hill song:) and sniffing a couple vicodin lines and taking some lithium and neurontin to even out: the front doorbell rings at my parents’ house. Immediately I’m paranoid and super anxious: did my mom call mh/mr again? Am I being involuntarily committed again and riding in […]

Loving yourself after lithium

from “This Book Will Break A Window If You Throw It Hard Enough” by Markus Almond Love. It comes to us when we don’t want it to, expect it to. It tears our chests open and we pretend it doesn’t affect us. We say that we can handle it. But it buries itself beneath our […]

Straight away I learned to pray

You’ll go to heaven or somewhere… when you die


from “Letting Go Is an Acquired Taste” by Christina Hart – DIGGING GRAVES One can only dig their own grave for so long. Eventually you hit bottom and decide whether you want to get in now or later

Psych ward here I come

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